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Surveillance camera in company

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The construction site surveillance camera is a great way to protect your construction site. Thanks to video surveillance, you have access to real time recordings, remotely, at the desired time.

Taz Alarme offers state-of-the-art workplace security solutions and 24/7 monitoring. Regardless of the size of your work site, we are able to offer perfectly adapted safety equipment to ensure its surveillance.

Why install a construction site surveillance camera?

Construction sites are high traffic areas during the day and in some cases even at night.

Surveillance cameras have several uses. They allow project managers to track daily activities at any time and even remotely.

The aspect of general security on construction sites should not be overlooked either. A video surveillance system is a powerful deterrent for ill-intentioned people. In the case of theft or vandalism, your construction cameras provide the necessary evidence to support your legal proceedings.

The value of construction sites

Your construction site needs quality protection, as there is a lot of expensive equipment and materials. Installing cameras and a sign indicating that your construction site is protected is an effective method of monitoring the construction site when no one is on site.

Moreover, since our autonomous construction cameras are connected to a central video surveillance station, you are assured that your construction site is under observation 24/7 with the intervention of a central operator through a microphone, in real time.

The characteristics of the construction site surveillance camera

Things to look for in a monitoring system

Protecting your equipment and your site is imperative, which is why you need to choose the right remote monitoring system. Here are the elements to consider.

  • Weather and water resistant cameras: It is essential that the chosen system is water and weather resistant to ensure its survival in the field.
  • Portable: Ideally, your cameras can be easily disassembled and transported to your next job site.
  • 1080p (HD) video quality: A construction surveillance camera should be able to record clear, crisp images. Ideally, your camera is also equipped with night vision to ensure the safety of the site, as well as the safety of workers, even at night.
  • Few or no cables: wireless solutions are all the rage in order to avoid headaches whether or not electricity is present on the site.
  • Standalone: Home automation security devices are the best way to monitor a job site, as they allow you to monitor remotely, at any time, from your phone.

These 5 elements are crucial when choosing a video surveillance system. You can also look for options such as a zoom lens to record details such as thieves’ faces or vehicle license plate numbers.

The 7 advantages of installing a surveillance camera on site

  1. Effective protection on your construction site
  2. A deterrent for thieves and to counter vandalism on isolated sites
  3. A device that allows site managers to view, in real time or at an appropriate moment, the day’s tasks.
  4. Prove the compliance of your construction methods through records, in case of investigation
  5. Be able to provide the recordings as evidence to authorities in case of a crime
  6. A reduction in your insurance costs
  7. Keep your mind at ease, even when you’re away from the job site

Taz Alarme: expert in site security

Taz Alarme is a true specialist in business security systems. In addition to jobsite protection, we offer commercial security solutions to meet all your needs. From remote surveillance for businesses or construction sites, to access control and commercial alarm systems, we offer you the protection you need.

A quick installation of a construction site surveillance camera

24 h to 72 h, guaranteed. Please feel free to discuss your site with our commercial security specialists. We will take the time to find the solution that fits perfectly with the reality of your site.

Quality sales, installation and after-sales service

Taz Alarme offers many advantages to its customers. We have unparalleled expertise with security devices.

Fill out our contact form today and an experienced member of our team will contact you shortly. We take pride in securing your construction sites with the best construction surveillance camera systems.

Évaluation de nos clients

(140 avis)

Nos clients commerciaux

Évaluation de nos clients

(140 avis)

Nos clients commerciaux


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