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Taz Alarme is committed to the full satisfaction of each of its customers. If you are not completely satisfied with your security system, we will take back our installed equipment and refund all fees if you notify us in writing within ten (10) days of the start-up date.

*If Taz Alarme has to pick up the equipment, the warranty is limited to picking up the equipment. Applies to residential customers only. Certain conditions apply.

Taz Alarme wants to ensure your satisfaction by guaranteeing its installations within 24 to 72 hours. The speed and courtesy of our service are our trademarks.

Taz Alarme wants to keep the trust of its customers. To thank you for your trust and to maintain your protection, if you move within five (5) years of your security system’s commissioning date, we offer you the possibility of transferring and reinstalling your system free of charge in your new home. In addition, if the new occupant wishes to continue the existing contract, we will maintain the coverage at the current address and install a new system* at your new residence. This offer is valid only if the customer moves to a territory served by Taz Alarme.

*Taz Alarme will reinstall a new system at the new address. Additional equipment will be extra. Applies to residential customers only. Certain conditions apply.

Taz Alarme certifies the effectiveness of its systems. We certify that our systems have a deterrent and/or limiting effect on intrusions and we commit to reimbursing the insurance deductible against theft to our clients, up to a maximum of $500 in the event of a burglary in their home equipped with one of our disarmed anti-intrusion systems. This deductible refund will be increased to $750 if the same system is armed at the event.

The client must be able to provide proof that their insurance is still in effect, a copy of the deductible and proof of reimbursement from their insurer as well as the policy report. In the second situation, we must have received an alarm during the event. S’applique uniquement aux clients résidentiels. Certain conditions apply.

Taz Alarme guarantees the durability of its products. With Taz Alarme, you benefit from the legal warranty which covers 1 year parts only. In addition, Taz Alarme Inc. offers a warranty on the first 60 days, on labor.

Applicable on new complete systems only. Applies to residential customers only. Certain conditions apply.

You did not purchase your system from us and it was installed less than ten years ago; or you want to benefit from a continuation of your basic warranty? Taz Alarme offers you its warranty service for 5.00$/month or 99$/2 years.

Taz Alarme offers you protection in the event of a false alarm. This option, for $3.99/month, protects you from being charged for  emergency services in case of a false alarm.