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Acceptance by the User

1. By accessing this website (“Taz Alarme website”), you, as a User, agree to the terms and conditions set forth herein and that Taz Alarme reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions from time to time.

Protection of privacy

2. Taz Alarme respects Canadian and international standards in terms of protecting the privacy of its Users. Taz Alarme does not collect any personal information about a User without his or her consent, and has put in place measures to ensure the confidentiality of such information. Taz Alarme deals with reputable network service providers who adhere to industry best practices regarding privacy obligations. Users’ anonymity is reasonably protected but not completely guaranteed. The management of personal information on the Taz Alarme website is governed by a policy set out on the Privacy Policy page.

Copyright and reproduction rights

3. Taz Alarme reserves its intellectual property rights on the graphic design as well as on the design of the navigation and search tools of the Taz Alarme website.

4. Subject to the following paragraph and the prohibited uses set forth below, legal documents, such as laws, regulations or decisions, published on the Taz Alarme Web site may be reproduced, printed and used by the User, free of charge and without further authorization from Taz Alarme, including editorial enhancements added by Taz Alarme to such documents, such as hyperlinks and information provided in headers and footers, provided that Taz Alarme is identified as the source of the document.

5. The use of legal documents published by Taz Alarme may be subject to additional conditions imposed on the User by certain courts and governmental entities that claim intellectual property rights over these documents. Taz Alarme makes every effort to indicate the existence of these additional conditions on the pages of the collections concerned, but the User remains responsible for verifying whether his or her intended use of the published documents is authorized.

Prohibited uses

6. Notwithstanding the reproduction rights granted in the previous section, the following uses of the Taz Alarme web site are prohibited unless prior written consent is obtained from the publisher of Taz Alarme:

Integrate documents published on another Web site by disguising their origin or source, whether through the use of framing, reuse of search processes or any other means that would have the effect of creating confusion or giving false indications that the document comes from the Taz Alarme Web site;
The use of Taz Alarme’s website resources and services through automated devices, including bulk uploading of documents.

7. Taz Alarme reserves the right, at its discretion and without prior notice, to block access to its Web site for any User who abuses it or makes illegal use of it.

No warranty

8. Taz Alarme invests considerable effort in the preparation and quality control of its website in order to offer a reliable legal information resource. However, Taz Alarme and the partners of the Taz Alarme Web site offer no guarantee and make no representation as to the reliability, integrity or accuracy of the content of the site, or its proper functioning.

Exemption from liability

9. The documents published on the Taz Alarme Web site have been compiled and prepared for the convenience of Users, for information purposes only, and do not constitute legal advice. Despite the care taken in the preparation and maintenance of its website, Taz Alarme as well as its employees, managers or other agents, and the partners of the Taz Alarme website can at no time be held responsible for any damage caused directly or indirectly by the use of the Taz Alarme website or by its non-availability

Applicable law

10. The use of the Taz Alarme site is governed by federal and provincial laws in force in the province of Quebec, Canada. Any legal proceedings against Taz Alarme relating to the use of the Taz Alarme website shall be brought before the courts of the district of Montreal, province of Quebec.